Not only do we need the sun to grow our plants, we also generate solar energy for use in our nurseries. This saves the usage of energy from suppliers, which is often generated less environmentally friendly. Using our own solar energy is therefore better for the environment!


Plants convert CO2 into oxygen and thus contribute to the improvement of the air quality. Our products therefore make a direct contribution to this improvement!

Biological control.

Because Kwekerij Aris wants to grow in an environmentally friendly way, we use biological pesticides as much as possible.


Watering within our nurseries is done through a 100% closed system. The rainwater that falls on the roofs of our nurseries is collected in large basins. From there, fresh rainwater is supplied to the plants through an ‘ebb-flow system’ and returns to the silos afterwards. As a result, water is used as efficiently as possible and we do not have to waste water, because we reuse it!


All waste is selected and sorted. This allows us, together with our partner in waste processing, to ensure that our waste is recycled. This makes everyone happy!

“Great things take time to grow”