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Kwekerij Aris guarantees high quality, reliability, competitive prices and continuous product improvement! This is achieved through intensive care and our years of experience and expertise.


We specialize in growing Pachira Aquatica, Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng and Cupressus Goldcrest Wilma, which are characterized in different pot sizes and heights. All this happens at our various locations around Aalsmeer."

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We supply all possible segments in the market. From retailer to wholesaler. We can supply high-quality products for every type of customer.

"You order, we serve"

We think along with our customers and on request can also import and grow other tropical potted plants for the customer with the mentality: “You order, we serve! “Our plants go to all parts of Europe.

Pachira Aquatica

The original habitat of the Pachira is in the swamps in Mexico and Brazil. However, this plant is very popular in Asia. There it is called the Money Tree and belongs to the Feng Shui plant group. In parts of Asia, it is believed that the plant brings good luck and prosperity to homes and offices. The Pachira is the ideal gift for “house warming” parties, opening of companies, dorm rooms, as a business gift or newly married couples. The Pachira brings good luck and prosperity. But above all it is a beautiful plant that is easy to care for!

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Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng

Deze plant (Ficus Ginseng) groeit in het prachtige China. Wat direct opvalt is de dikke en vertakte luchtwortel, die van elke plant weer anders is. Elke plant oogt daardoor uniek. Op deze luchtwortel, wordt vervolgens de klein bladige plant Ficus Microcarpa geënt. Nu is het een Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng geworden!


Pachira Aquatica

A Pachira has no special requirements. It is a strong plant that adapts easily to different conditions. You do not need to water the plant often, but the soil should not be completely dry. A Pachira needs a lot of light. Still, you should try to avoid direct sunlight on the plant, as otherwise the leaves could suffer sun damage. You can trim the leaves when they get too big for your taste and when you want to check the size or shape. New leaves will appear in a few days. Leaves that turn yellow will drop quickly and will be replaced by beautiful new leaves.

Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng

With good care, Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng can be kept for years. The plant requires a moderate amount of water, more in summer than in winter. Never leave water in the pot or saucer, because the plant does not like ‘wet feet’. Provide nutrients regularly in the spring and summer. The Ficus can also go outside in the summer, preferably in the shade. Winter the plant in a cool place, at about 12 degrees Celsius. You can also keep the plant at room temperature in the heated living room, in that situation pay extra attention to keeping the root ball slightly moist. Just like a bonsai, this plant can be shaped. Shoots that can mar the shape of the ficus can be trimmed without any problem, so that the decorative stem remains visible.

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